A delicious cicchetti selection for lunch? Yes, please! Bacari GDL is a small and welcoming location in the Americana in Glendale. They offer a wide selection of cicchetti (small appetizers), wood fired pizzas, pastas, and wines…one better than the next! The Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms were simply devine…each and every bite! 

The rainbow beet salad was fresh and seasoned well which helped balance the Bacari Fries that were topped with an elegant, rich sauce and a fried egg. 

The Grilled Chicken Breast was scrumptious with its jalapeño caper sauce atop a risotto cake. 

 The finale of the Bread Pudding put us over the edge in the flavor department! It was simply amazing!!

Bacari offers an awesome lunch deal: $20 for 2 cicchetti selections and beverage (including the house wines, Sangria, and a pilsner beer) OR 1 wood fired pizza, 1 dessert selection and beverage. 

It’s a great deal as their cicchettis are not small portions and can easily be shared! 

Bacari and their unique cuisine selections are an experience for your palate that you will not forget anytime soon! 

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