C A V A R E T T A S 

A Valley Hot Spot since forever! Cavaretta’s is an Italian Deli that is ALWAYS packed and with good cause! Cavaretta’s Deli is a hole in the wall deli in the San Fernando Valley that provides some of the best sandwiches and pastas along with being a small grocery store where many Italian ingredients can be purchased. While we were waiting in a long line, behind those eager to purchase their lunch items, we settled on the Italian Combo, bag of chips, and a cold beverage. The Italian Combo was deliciously piled with layers of meat and the homemade Italian dressing gabe it a zesty taste. The meatball sandwich looked amazing but what really caught my eye was the lasagna people were ordering! Yum! The ooey, gooey cheese melted on top of layered lasagna with rich marinara sauce looked unbelievable but it was just too hot outside for me to order today…but next time it will be a must! We of course had to order a cannoli…hello, Italian sweetness that just cannot be passed up! The cannoli was crispy, perfectly filled, and was the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth! Next time you want an authentic Italian sandwich, some outstanding lasagna, or a decadent cannoli…or want to shop for authentic Italian ingredients, make your way to Cavaretta’s, you won’t be disappointed!

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