F O U R  S E A S O N S 

And that’s a wrap! In need of a pick me up to get you over hump day? Well Four Seasons Westlake is your answer! It’s a day of pure indulging…fruits and veggies (Bloody Mary and some fruit), crudités by the pool, and wraps galore, all leading into pampering at the spa. The Bloody Mary’s were spiced with just enough heat, making them smooth and the perfect start to the day. The fruit was fresh, simple and elegantly presented. 

The crudités with pesto hummus was a light snack while lounging in the pool and held us over to lunch! 

The wraps were all unique and healthy, which is really great when lounging around in a bathing suit all day! The Arugula and Bulgar Wrap was light and balanced well with the nuts and dressing. 

The Cobb Salad Wrap was delicious and was packed with egg, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce and was dressed perfectly. 

Lastly, the BBQ Chicken Wrap was scrumptious and not overly dressed…hard to put down! 

All of the cocktails on the menu were light and refreshing, perfect for a day at the pool! Each aspect of the day making for the perfect Wednesday! We could go on and on about it all BUT gotta go…massage time! 

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